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 Елена Языкова-Кастийо


Born in 1953 in Moscow
1976 graduated from
Stroganov Moscow State University
of Arts and Industry
Lives and works
in Moscow,
Riyadh, KSA and Mallorca


State Historical Museum
of Russia
State Museum of Applied
Arts, Moscow, Russia
State Museum of Oriental
Arts, Moscow, Russia
Toy Museum of Sergiyev
Posad, Moscow, Russia
Museum of Kimri, Russia,
Örebro Museum, Örebro,
Ministry of Culture of Russia
Collection of the Artists'
Union of Russia,
Collection of Comunna
di Fondi, Italy
Collection of gallery
"Épreuve d’artiste",
Beirut, Lebanon
Collection of Rafik Hariri
Collection of Adel
AL Maandil, Riyadh, KSA


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